Iam very much thankful to Almighty Allah & Dr BM Rathore that my diabetes is controlled and feeling good and happy . i have consulted so many doctors but my blood sugar always remained more than 350mg/dl but after Dr Rathore treatment my blood sugar remains around 150mg/dl after taking meals .

Jameel Rafiq
Electrical Engineer

Nice experience with Online video consultation especially with Dr BM Rathore. I think Video Consultation is very good and safe method to consult your doctor when such COVID-19 pandemic situation , by online consultation you can note down your queries, ask one by one and will get prescription online . Thanks Rathore Clinic& Daibetic Center.

Mr. Gordhan Das
Engineer , Pakistan Petroleum Limited.

Excellent doctor, given appropraite time to patient, very humble ,kind to patient and i improved my health after consulting with Dr.BM Rathore. I highly recommend you to consult Dr Rathore.


Its been 5 years I’m connected to Rathore Clinic for me and my family’s health. I have always been treated with utmost care with great combination of medicines for any kind of Viral, Bacterial or Seasonal Infections. Whether you are a young person or an old age man or you have kids at home Rathore Clinics can be your great choice.

Mr. Rufi Shehzada
Assistant Director, NAB

Rathore Clinic & Diabetic Center is highly recommended and appreciated for Diabetic patients, they are computerized record system and patient friendly and polite satff. Caring doctor.

Mr. Afzal Khan

I highly recommend Dr Rathore for their diagnoses , treatment and especial focus on diabetes counseling on life style, diet and foot care management. if anyone have diabetes and needs consultation , I would suggest Dr Rathore.

Dr.Mazhar Khaimisani
Medical Superintendent , Health Department

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