Temperature Controlled Pharmacy

Medicines Need to Be Stored at Specific Temperatures

We have one of the innovative and comprehensive pharmacy within premises of our clinic which is trusted for delivering high quality and genuine medicines which is stored in temperature-controlled surroundings. We have a team of highly qualified pharmacists and technicians who are skilled and knowledgeable about the medicines we dispense.

When the temperature gets too hot, this can also cause damage to medicines. As a result, they must be kept within this tight temperature range from the moment they are produced right up until they are used

  • Dr. BM Rathore

    Consultant Family Medicine, Diabetes Specialist

    Dr BM Rathore is an Eminent Family Physician and Diabetes Specialist of the region. His commitment...

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  • Dr. Sareeka Rathore

    Gynecologist & Obstetrician

    Dr. Sareeka Rathore is a Consultant (Gynaecologist) practicing at Rathore and Diabetic Center and...

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