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About Rathore Clinic & Diabetic Center

Rathore Clinic’s Center for Diabetes, Family Medicine, Gynecology, Child & Geriatric Medicine provides comprehensive and coordinated primary care to help all age group of patients stay healthy and thriving through the years

Rathore Clinic’s Center for Geriatric Medicine provides comprehensive and coordinated primary care to help older patients stay healthy and thriving through the years.

It's All About Our Experienced Doctors

Dr BM Rathore is an eminent family physician and Diabetes Specialist of the region. His commitment for patient care is well known. He is a Specialist Family Physician & Diabetes Specialist. He possess an International Post Graduate Diabetes Certificate from UK-Diabetes United Kingdom. He is a member of college of physician & Surgeon Pakistan. He has diploma in Diabetes and Certified in Management of Diabetic Foot Care. His overall experience is around 20 years and good availability at Rathore Clinic & Diabetic Center makes him the leading Diabetes Specialist & family physician of the region.

Dr. Rathore is well known for providing services in Diabetes, Family Medicine, General Check Up, General Practitioner, Prevention & Care of Lifestyle, Thyroid Disorder, geriatric care, Hypertension (Blood Pressure), Liver Diseases, Sleep Disorder, and Infectious Diseases.

The Challenge

In Pakistan, healthcare costs and a lack of access to insurance have pushed more than 87 million people into poverty. For low-income Pakistani, “healthcare” is a choice between traveling long and far to poorly-managed, overcrowded government facilities, or expensive, poorly-managed and poorly-staffed private clinics. Regardless of the provider, these facilities are largely located in urban centers and almost completely out of reach, both geographically and financially, for customers who live in peri-urban or rural areas. Limited access to primary healthcare leads people to go without it, causing minor, inexpensive health issues to worsen over time into difficult and more expensive-to-treat problems.

The Innovation

Our Rathore Clinic also offers affordable clinics close to low-income customers living in rural villages and peri-urban communities besides urban population. The company’s unique model provides integrated, holistic care. Rathore clinic offers services ranging from basic consultations to diagnostic testing, clinical procedures and an in-house pharmacy, all under one roof. The Rathore clinic operate daily from 10am to 10pm, to allow their customers, who are often unable to take time off from work, to receive quality care not only within their price range but also on their own schedules. Through their vast experience, Rathore Clinic is reviving the age-old concept of a family doctor and bridging the gap between fragmented practitioners and expensive specialty clinics.

·         Diabetes Prevention

·         Diabetes Diet

·         Weight Loss/weight Gain issues in Diabetes

·         Stress Management in Diabetes

·         Precision Diabetes

·         Insulin Management

·         Hypoglycemia/ Low sugar

·         Eye Care in diabetic patient

·         Foot Care in diabetes

·         Cardiac Care

·         Kidney Care

·         Diabetes Physiotherapy

·         Orthopedic Care in diabetic patient

·         Surgical fitness/opinion for diabetic patients

·         Dental Care in diabetic patient

·         Gestational Diabetes / diabetes in Pregnancy

·         Fitness

·         Home Care

·         Obesity Management

By focusing on what geriatrics specialists call the “4Ms” that make their expert care so unique.
These 4Ms include:

  • Knowing what Matters to us as older adults when it comes to making healthcare decisions;
  • Reviewing, reducing, and removing Medications that may cause harm or are unnecessary;
  • Improving care for the Mentation (or the Mind) by addressing critical problems like dementia, delirium, and depression; and
  • Promoting Mobility, or the medical term for being able to move (on our own or with help).
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